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I am thinking about doing MMD model commissions but only if people are interested. I'd be making them from scratch in Blender. More info later. Also ignore the 10 point price thing it doesn't lemme go lower than that on this widget so just pretend that 10 is a 0.


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'if u dont want ur rules broken dont distribute'
what a terrible argument.
let me just say that as a modeler, i am treated like garbage. modelers in the MMD community are treated like robots, like trash thats only there to pump out models and parts for you to use. we aren't treated like people, and that's horrible.
we are people. and according to this community, we can't win no matter what we do.
release a part/model? "if you don't want your rules broken, don't distribute it"
gee, sorry we're trying to be nice! sorry we want to share our hard work with you and help you make the edit/picture/etc that you want by providing what you need! i'm sorry that we want to fuckin help you!
don't release a part/model? "you're so selfish! it's selfish to keep your work to yourself!"
so first you blame us for what other stupid people are doing, but when we don't share our work you get mad and call us selfish?
ask people to contact you for a download? "i shouldnt have to ask, just give it to me" "why won't you give it to me?"
so we can't publicly di
:iconrazrrjunko:razrRjunko 30 20
Pencil skirt download dl by HoshichoM Pencil skirt download dl :iconhoshichom:HoshichoM 262 11
Hello my berries (yes i'm not saying fuzzies anymore i've grown out of and graduated from that level of cringe and into a more tolerable one...then again idk if berries is whatever h8ers gonna h8 just let'em bitch).

So I've been throwing around the idea in my head (as well as in discussions with a few MMDer friends) of making from scratch custom models and/or model parts as commissions. I know for sure I'm not gonna get normal art commissions ever again any time soon because I like never draw anymore. :') Nowadays I'm either too busy with MMD or working a full time job eeeeyyy *finger guns* hence why I was thinking of practicing more with Blender (and also hence my inactivity on this website). I thought I'd post about it because I was curious if anybody would ever be interested in such a thing. If I build the models myself in blender then I don't have to worry about those "no commercial use" rules on other people's bases and parts. Besides, with model edits, there's so much limitations to how accurate you can get a model to be as well as make it look good (can't find good enough parts or when you do find a good enough part, it's part of a model that prohibits taking parts, the part isn't for DL anymore, or you simply can't. f*cking. find it. ANYWHERE). And since I know the age group that takes up most of the MMDC, I won't price them too high in the beginning. Although, just a fair warning, it'll probably only be parts that'll be in the $10-20 or less range. ^^;

My only issue with the idea, though, is distribution and the kinds of characters I could make. I would love to do my own versions of official/famous Vocaloid characters and distribute them, but because the MMDC has such an enormous problem with the incredibly simple action of having the common sense to credit people properly as well as respecting people's rules, that'd be impossible. :/ People would be ripping the parts and textures left and right, redistributing nude bases, making recolors or changing the outfits and claiming them as their own, using them in videos and not bothering to include my name in the description, and then there's that f*cker out there who I heard posted a tutorial on how to unlock models locked with PMX Locker. I could still do model commissions of OCs and self models, but there'd be a lot of rules. The gist of it would be I won't fandom OCs (with the exception of fanloids/UTAU OCs), you can't share them publicly (same reason as explained above why I wouldn't custom build and publicly share a famous vocaloid model), and you gotta be good at crediting people for the models you make, parts and all. And yes, of course, you're allowed to edit it if there's any tweaking to the parts or textures you'd like to make. ^u^ Just don't rip the parts/make a nude base and give them out please. (⊙‿⊙) The model and parts you commission me will be made specially for you to use (and maybe your friends as long as they aren't part/model thieves) so please don't separate the pieces and put them on DA let alone on other models either ok. (✿◠‿◠)

Alright, text walls over. Lemme know in the comments if anyone would be interested in this idea. c: I think it'd be fun~ (course I still have a loooot of practice to do lolol so I'll probably use famous vocaloid characters as my guinea pigs before I open model commissions).

🍓Stay dank my dudes👌
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i drew this picture really for shits n giggles and it was only gonna be shared among friends but then I thought this is a really cute self portrait I've done and I love it so I'm just gonna put it on my DA page it'll be gr8.

it's actually supposed to be a seasonal pun b/c yknow pink garden roses are a springtime thing and this is the spring-themed one i did. im gonna do the other seasons but those i'm actually gonna keep to myself. i'm gonna try and make them all be somehow referencing the butt in some way either subtle or blunt. for example "cheeks" can be interpreted two ways from this one. ; )))))

Twitter: or just search @Tartpelt20


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